FAQ & Gallery

Here you can find answers to some questions you may have about our products. 


Do your corsets have boning? Yes, all of our corsets have non-metal boning in them installed by hand.

Is corset lacing included? Yes, one cord of lace is included for a corset. It will be the lace shown in the product photo.

Are your garments washed? Yes, all pieces of clothing are washed before they are listed for sale.

Do you ship internationally? No. As of right now we are only accepting US orders. But we hope to one day offer international shipments!


If you have any questions about our store, please email us at shop@osceolacreative.com


  • Winter themed outfit in the traditional Seminole style

  • Twist on a modern blouse design with Seminole patchwork ruffle

  • A custom-made traditional Seminole patchwork dress

  • A sundress with Seminole patchwork

  • Modern peplum blouse with Seminole patchwork sleeves

  • A traditional Seminole patchwork outfit